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How to start PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode

How to start PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode

Sometimes you will be in a situation where you will want to start your PlayStation 4 console in Safe Mode specially when you get errors on your machine. Here is a quick guide to start your PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode.

Follow these steps to start PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode:

  • Press the power button located on the front panel of your PlayStation 4. The indicator should blink for a couple of seconds before turning off

  • When it completely turns off, press and hold the power button till you hear two beeps. The first beep will be when you press the power button and the second one will be after 7 seconds

  • Now connect the DualShock 4 controller via an USB cable

  • Press the PS button of the controller

You should see the Safe Mode:

PS4 Safe Mode

Available Safe Mode options:

1.Restart System
Come out of safe mode and restart PlayStation 4 normally.

2.Change Resolution
When the PlayStation will restart, this option will change the screen resolution to 480p.

3.Update System Software
Update your System Software through the internet, USB Drive, or Disc.

4.Restore Default Settings
Default factory settings of PlayStation 4 will be restored.

5.Rebuild Database
Create a new database of a the whole content by scanning drives. It may take a long time to create a new database depending on the number of data items.

6.Initialize PS4
Note: All setting and data on your PS4 will be lost by performing this step.
This will make your PS4 as good as new, all the user data will be deleted. You can also do this by selecting Initialize PS4 from the Settings menu. The System software/Firmware is not affected by this action.

7.Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)
Note: This action will delete all the information on your HDD along with the System Software.
You will see a message saying that USB storage device containing the System Software should be connected
Confirm it if you wish to delete all the data. Create back up to be on a safer side.

gaming console repairs, console repairs

Xbox One tips and tricks

26 tips and tricks for the Xbox One

Can you believe the Xbox One has been around for nearly two years already? It's changed massively in that short space of time, too. From Microsoft releasing monthly patches and updates (including the massive "new Xbox One experience" update that came along in November) to inevitably ditching Kinect as a mandatory peripheral, the Xbox One is an ever-evolving piece of hardware.

It's hard to keep up with every little thing that the system can do when you're concentrating on the important stuff like, oh, playing games, so we've gone ahead and done a little research.

From convenient short-cuts to little-known freebies, here are 25 must-know tips and tricks to squeezing every last bit of value out of the One.

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1. How to set up the Xbox One

xbox one setup


Setting up a console used to be pretty straightforward, but with the Xbox One's host of new and exciting features, making sure that Microsoft's latest console is set up properly takes a little bit of time.

So if you've just unpacked a brand new Xbox One, check out our video below which takes you through the process of setting up the Xbox One, allowing you to get online and start playing as quickly as possible.

2. Take a screenshot

xbox one screenshot



Taking a screenshot on Xbox One was impossible when the console first came out and the feature took a while to appear. However, as of March 2015 it's now possible for anyone to take Xbox One screenshots without having to faff with external boxes.



When in-game, simply double-tap the Xbox button on your control pad and then press Y to take the screenshot. Or, if you've got Kinect plugged in, you can simply say "Xbox, take screenshot" though that's a little too imprecise for something that needs to be timed perfectly like a screenshot. Beware, screenshots don't work if you're not in a game.

3. Speed up game installation

xbox one dash

If you're terribly impatient you'll be happy to know that Microsoft is working on a solution to your download time problems
Most Xbox One games will require you to do a mandatory install onto the console's hard drive, even those that you buy on a physical disc. It's a bit of a pain, but you can speed up the installation time by first disconnecting from Xbox Live (either remove the Ethernet cable from the console for wired connections or choose disconnect from Xbox Live under the console's Network settings), running the installation as normal and then re-establishing your connection again afterwards.

If you want to eliminate installation time completely, you can now also pre-load games before their release so as soon as they unlock you can bundle straight in and start raising hell.

4. Get free games

xbox one how to

Project Spark means free games and you don't even need Xbox Gold to access them!
They say that nothing in life is free, but that was before Project Spark on the Xbox One came along. The game is currently in open Beta, meaning that you can download it for free right now on the Xbox Store. You don't even need an Xbox Live Gold account to get started.

And, since the game is designed around creating new games and the Project Spark community have been busy working on original user-generated content for the last couple of months, there's already tonnes of stuff to try out or collaborate on. If you get bored of that, you could download the Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct (so long as you have a Gold subscription), which will allow you access to the game's Dojo, Survival, Versus and Practice modes with one character for free. They rotate which free character you get quite regularly too, so chances are you'll be able to have a go with them all eventually.

5. Disable disc auto-play

fix xbox one

Take full control of your Xbox's disc settings
By default, if you insert a disc or Blu-ray into your Xbox One it'll play automatically – assuming you've already downloaded the free Blu-ray app, of course. If you've played a Blu-ray disc before and you reinsert it into the console, it'll boot up from the point at which you last stopped watching. However, if you prefer to delay disc start-up until you choose to do so manually, you can disable auto-play by going to Settings > Disc & Blu-ray - and unchecking the boxes that read 'Play Disc Automatically' or 'Resume Playback'.

6. Make your smart phone a remote control

xbox one tips and tricks


Xbox remote control? Yeah, there's an app for that
Do yourself a favour and download the free SmartGlass app for Xbox One (make sure you don't download the Xbox 360 version by accident, as they look quite similar). With it, your phone becomes a remote control for the Xbox One, one that's perfect for navigating the console's Internet Explorer app as you can pinch, zoom and click on links far more easily than you can with a controller. The SmartGlass app also offers up extra content for some apps and games, and you can use it to check on your Achievement progress when you're away from your console.

7. Skype your friends

xbox one repairs


Xbox One lets you play games with friends from around the world and hang out virtually in Skype video calls



While most of Skype's base features have been free on multiple platforms for quite some time, the company recently made formerly premium features - like group video chat - free on the Xbox One app. So, after downloading the app on the Xbox Store (you can say "Xbox, Bing Skype" to bring up a shortcut to the download) you can hook up with up to nine of your friends and video chat in full 1080p.

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